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Now compare that with the “After” photo, you can clearly see that her nose bridge is much more refined and narrowed.

This extends to the tip of her nose as well as both sides of the ala.

Although some may argue that she’s simply gained weight here and there were speculations that she might’ve become pregnant too.

But if the enlargement of her breasts didn’t come from accumulated fat nor breast milk, then there is a good chance that Rihanna has gotten a boob job to gain those extra bust volume.

Even though at times, she may have worn color contact lenses to achieve certain looks (like dark brown), but if you want to know her original eye color, well…you’ve been looking at them!

Here’s a rare photo of Rihanna in her teenage years when she was just an innocent girl living in Barbados, a small country in the Caribbeans.

Now if you look at the AFTER pic, it seems like she’s got some hair growing back around that receding hairline.

Which leads us to this question…Rihanna ever had “WORK” done from a cosmetic surgeon? Many people have been wondering whether the Barbados born beauty underwent a breast augmentation surgery to increase her bra size.

This came after photos emerged showing an obvious difference to the size of her boobs.

Her nose was visibly wider so perhaps there’s a reason why people said she’s got a nose job after all.

2007 was a breakthrough year for Rihanna in which her lead single, “Umbrella”, topped the music chart in 13 countries worldwide.

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