Relationship dating woman too shy

Since that time his self esteem has skyrocketed due in no small part to having someone who wants him, loves him, and believes in him.There's an assertive girl out there for you, just be yourself and she'll come to you.I acted awkward all night, barely made eye contact and if i did talk it was toward my friend.She later got my number from my friend and texted me.

She was motivated by the fact she didn't have a prom for date(we sarted talking late jan)I was very lucky that a girl eventually made a first move, which was probably the only real chance I had of coming out of my shell.

I'm 19 right now and never even hugged a girl before, but this post isn't really about me.

It seems to me that women want the confident and assertive guy, who the shy guy isn't.

So what chance will the shy guy have in life if he cannot change himself?

Here's the thing: women you've just met don't know about your history or who you are as a person.

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