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Right, Singh comforts his 4-year-old son, Devjot Kamboj, who was saddened to learn his dad had another cross-country delivery to make.(Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times) Three years later, he started driving a rig he didn’t own while getting paid per mile.

After 13 hours on and off the road in his semi truck, he leans back in a booth as a Bollywood music video plays on TV.

(Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times) It’s a route that Pal, 38, knows well.

Three times a month, he makes the seven-day round trip between his Fontana home and Indiana, where he drops off loads and picks up new ones.

Trucking has shown him that people are more similar than different no matter where you go. His father farmed potatoes, cauliflower, rice and tomatoes. After immigrating in 2001 with his younger brother, he settled in Canoga Park and worked nights at 7-Eleven.

The best of all religions, he says, tend to teach the same thing — kindness to others, accepting whatever comes your way and appreciation for what’s in front of you on the road. As a child, Pal would ride tractors for fun with Dad. After he was robbed at gunpoint, a friend suggested trucking. Left, Singh says goodbye to his wife, Harjeet Kaur, as he leaves for Indiana.

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