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As well as being a playwright and screenwriter, Williams appeared in a number of well-known independent and Hollywood films and was among the celebrity guests in the last episode of season 4 of Friends, '"The One With Ross's Wedding"'.

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In June 2015, he published a book-length investigative poem about the "Muslim Gandhi", Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, "Badshah Khan".The Oscar winning actress is one of the biggest names in Hollywood, however she hasn’t traded in her five bedroom house in Lewes Crescent for LA just yet.Her posts of her home have had many feeling quite jealous, including the marble bath tub, which had to be installed through the window due to the size of it.The friendly boxing figure has been spotted by almost every local driving his truck along the seafront, beeping as he goes and smiling at all.He owns a gorgeous mansion, filled with memorabilia, while he has been based here for the majority of his life, having started in South London and having spent some time in New York.

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