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Fake profiles are either terminated after a few days of signing up, or their profiles are rejected from the very beginning.The site's traffic is mostly from Poland, Germany, the United States and the United Kingdom.Only VIP and Premium VIP can build a list of VIP members.Once you are listed as a VIP by someone, you will be free to send him or her emails without having to pay for a membership upgrade.It is popular among people with a Polish descent as it aims to connect them in various ways.

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It also includes a little basic information about your appearance, likes, hobbies, and etc.

The site works well for the people naturally shy and provide them with a great opportunity of meeting like-minded individuals, overcome their shyness and explore the world of dating, romance and love.

Polish Hearts is a premier online dating service provider aimed for the Polish people.

The site data base is not really large, just 3000 members as the site was launched in 2011.

UKChristian is a specific dating site helping people serious about their religion to meet like-minded people and share their thoughts on religion, faith and beliefs during romantic search of a long-term partner.

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