Pointer records not updating

Hopefully this article will help in learning the Windows DNS Server role and how it can be configured to meet the requirements of an organization.

However, on smaller networks that use only a few portions the configuration can be very simple and can be easily managed by someone with a good understanding of networks and how DNS operates.MR was to replace the "551 User Not Local" SMTP error.Later, RFC 2505 recommended that both VRFY and EXPN be disabled, making MB and MG unnecessary. Record to describe well-known services supported by a host. The current recommendation and practice is to determine whether a service is supported on an IP address by trying to connect to it. At the same time, the domain of applicability for KEY and SIG was also limited to not include DNSSEC use.MAILB is a query code which returns one of those records.The intent was for MB and MG to replace the SMTP VRFY and EXPN commands.

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