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It would almost be funny if it weren’t so completely depressing. Set during season 3 after "Jerry's Painting." This was written to fill the trope "playing Cyrano." Evan Hansen has had a long senior year, with the addition of a boyfriend, a best friend, and two pretty kick-ass girls in his life.

AU of the Parks and Recreation Gang in college with a plot similar to Pride and Prejudice. Side Relationships: Ann Perkins / Chris Traeger, Andy Dwyer / April Ludgate.

In an effort to undo the spoiler, we publicly stated, in a number of interviews, that NBC had just accidentally gotten the character names wrong, and that there was no upcoming Andy-April wedding.

Chris gives Ben a practical reason to stay, and Leslie gives him an emotional one.

And if those two crazy kids can get married and make it seem vaguely rational, why can’t their older role model types find happiness with each other? The Donna/Ann and Tom/Ben pairings are good examples of how you can take two characters (Ann and Ben) who ordinarily function as straight men and actually make them into the joke with very little work.

• Just to clarify, when Ron refers to having been married three times, he’s only referring to two women, as he married the second (Megan Mullally) Tammy twice, the second time briefly earlier this season.

“It’s for my sanity,” April had insisted when she’d first mentioned that they had to do something about Ben and Leslie. It would almost be funny if it weren’t so completely depressing. Set during season 3 after "Jerry's Painting." This was written to fill the trope "playing Cyrano." The government shutdown has both Ben and Leslie going toe-to-toe over the budget for the Parks Department. The sequel to Parks and Prejudice College AU of Ben Wyatt and Leslie Knope Ben's brother is getting married.

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