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When RFUMSV00 seems to display “wrong“ amounts, the reason for that is mostly the document itself.

Report RFUMSV00 evaluates only the entries from table BSET.

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For postings which contain no tax transaction but an account is involved, which requires a valid tax code (e.g.The tax amount not deductible is added to the G/L account line subject to tax. Only one tax procedure can be assigned to each country (note 63805).In case of several G/L account lines the tax amount is added to the particular positions proportionately. Predefined calculation procedures are delivered for certain countries (e.g. Here the transaction keys are set: Only important in context with tax jurisdiction code (important e.g. Also only important in context with tax jurisdiction code.The This report displays a list of customers that have not purchased within a selected number of months.(Scenario: To see all customers that haven’t purchased this year, but purchased in December of the previous year, set Dormant to This Year and Last Purchase to December of the last year.) The This report displays a bar graph of gross sales for a date range specified, ordered from greatest to least.

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