Online dating for animal lovers

Perfect to use while taking your dog out for a stroll.

Not only do British people believe owning a pet makes you more attractive, but 72% think that the way someone treats their animal can predict how caring they’ll be in a relationship.

Do you have pets, ride horses, breed animals or just generally care about animal rights?

Well, you can find Loads of animal loving singles in your area with Animal Lover Dating. There are Loads of potential soulmates online for you right now!

Moreover, all new profiles are verified to make sure that all users are there for genuine reasons, making it easier for you to find a perfect partner.

For busy professionals, time is your most precious commodity and Elite Singles understands the restraints placed on discerning, career-minded people.

With this carefully calibrated feature in play, you don’t need to waste precious time scanning, swiping or scrolling through hundreds of possible partners – we’ll take care of it for you!

If you’re a cat or dog lover who wants to meet that special someone who shares your fondness for animals, register with Elite Singles now and start falling in love.

Our 2017 survey found that almost 57% of singles thought that owning a pet can make someone more attractive.

Based on Costa and Mc Rae’s Five Factor Model, the test gives us a clear picture of your personality traits, making it easier to pair you with compatible singles.

After completing the personality test our intelligent algorithm suggests 3-7 high-quality daily matches based on your answers and preferences.

For those who have specific preferences or goals in their love life, online dating is the ideal choice.

As a pet lover, choosing Elite Singles lets you be upfront about what you need from a partner, meaning you’ll connect with those who share your love of animals.

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