On the verge of dating

When proposing a date, there are a few pitfalls: First, grammar.You’ve got no idea how many girls tell us that spelling mistakes, misuse of punctuation, and even shitty syntax are deal breakers. Name the bar and the drinks: "How about we...drink American Trilogies at White Star." Much better. There’s nothing cute about narcissism, and a date is not an interview about YOU. A female friend said the other day, "The best drink on a first date: Grey Goose and soda, with a lemon.That’s precisely why a lot of them are leaving the other dating sites—they’re tired of weeks of bullshit online conversations before an awkward interview-ish date.They just want to exchange a few messages, go out, and see what happens.The economic climate actually seems quite good for that, particular in New York City, our home base. People are looking to invest in early stage companies that are doing something distinct in a proven industry, like online dating. The dates that get the most responses seem to be ones that have a bit of personality—they’re not crazy over-the-top but they’re not vanilla.You need to take the risk of saying what you really want to do. People on our site are not there for endless chat relationships.The site launched in New York and is expanding nationally this summer.

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And it’s about fun—a guy who authentically creates a sense of playfulness and makes it infectious is a skillful dater.There’s a kind of fun, an openness, at the heart of How About We.What’s the biggest mistake men make when proposing dates or while on dates?(a/n: b/o/y/c= boy of your choice) B/O/Y/C: okay, it's been 3 solid months and I'm not sure how I feel right now but, I'm not okay. I've tried to give you nothing but my love and affection but it's like you don't even care anymore.

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