Ohno nino dating

" Sho enters the room, eyes nearly burning two holes into Nino. It's a vague question, but Nino knows exactly what it means. He shouldn't be doing this over the phone but it's the middle of the night, they're in different cities, there isn't a lot of time to have this conversation. There maybe have been a couple of days after that time that they kissed in Ohno and Aiba's hotel room that Nino wondered what was going to happen next. He stayed in his own hotel room that night and the night after that and then he didn't see Ohno for a week because of opposite schedules and then he met Yumi. He settles his hand on one of Nino's knee for balance. He supposes it's because he's such a magic enthusiast, but he always wants to be in control of the situation. "I'll get bored if you go to sleep." "You can play the Wii if you want," Ohno says, gesturing to the corner where the console and the games are stacked together.

Also they have similar face, especially their eyes.

They talked a lot about marriage, and they want to create Arashi Junior and so on (Although they predict that Matsujun is the first member to be married).

19, Satoshi Ohno opened the stage by addressing the article that Friday magazine published a few days ago, which claimed that Satoshi was dating and living with a 24-year-old former actress.

In other news, I read that Sho has celebrated her birthday at an expensive hotel.

Did you also remember when Sho mentioned in Music Station that he start to learning piano again because his friend wants him to playing piano at his wedding.

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