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So signed up 3 months ago* Profile pic constantly rejected must be authentic pic of yourself? * They do approve objects, cars animals children as profile pics????? Me in tshirt and short denim skirt post to gallery! * Oasis creates fake profiles and lifts stolen pics off net then post as if it's real mans profile! It appears oasis wants you to date children and animals with approval of the profile pics of above mentioned! Also if you think it's scammy, catfished fishy Google image or tineye search.

* But nude pics were approved for several men in there galleries! When you finally go to report it they don't delete fake profile they delete yours because your onto their scam! And if there are genuine guys out there they are fed up, moved on. You'll quickly find out where pic comes from or who it belongs to!

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think my search will have to be the old fashioned way and get out of the House I’ve met some great men and some not so great men on this site a ton of scammers but it doesn’t need a Uni degree to work them out, I report them, all one can do..

I haven't actually used Oasis Active for 9 years now, so my review isn't exactly the most up to date but thought I'd add it anyway!

I joined up to meet people and make some new friends, and did meet many interesting characters from it - some good and not so good, but all interesting life experiences!

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    We recommend new members review our Community Guidelines and our tips for Internet Safety.