Nigerian male dating scammers arrests

The police arrested two Nigerian men and two local women in Cape Town last night after they organised a sting operation .Western Cape Hawks spokesperson, Robert Netshiunda, says police started the investigation after receiving complaints from victims of an online dating scam last year.Whitacre was, at one point, the US Government's star witness against ADM in a price fixing case.But as the Government got to know Whitacre better and learned more about the case it started to unravel, although at least one ADM executive went to jail.They just create a fake account, get a picture of someone in Europe or America, and to you it looks like you are chatting to someone in America whereas you are chatting to someone in Cape Town.

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The extortion story was implausable and as it started to unravel, Whitacre told the FBI about price fixing at ADM in an attempt to focus their attention on other matters (and save himself, he thought, from closer scrutiny).With the advent of the Internet, these "Nigerian Bank Scams" are relatively cheap.The costs are basicly an internet connection and a computer system to send out the spam. See for example Six arrested over 'Nigerian e-mail' fraud by Graeme Wearden, ZDNet News, May 21, 2002. Michelle Delio claims to have actually interviewed a Nigerian e-mail scammer.Given the "over the top" nature of some of the bank scam come-ons it is easy to make fun of them and I've had a good time with this web page. Does that mean that they get 65% or is someone else getting the missing 5%?Not only are the stories told in the scam wild and occasionally creative, but they are full of amusing errors in syntax, logic and arithmatic. Although these scams can be amusing, for people who fall for them, it can be a serious business.

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