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Specializing in guitar & amplifier repairs and restorations in New Jersey. Using the information in this section, you can attempt to dial in the possible dates of manufacture more closely than by sheer estimation alone. Yes (read on) | No (scroll down to the seriel nuber section)Marshall began using a nine-digit bar code label beginning in 1992. Marshall amps began featuring aluminum back panels in 1969.Introducing the Studio Classic and Studio Vintage; 20W versions of the legendary JCM800 and JMP 1959SLP amps that are set to modernise true British tone.Manufactured in the Marshall factory in Bletchley, England, these two new amps along with the renamed Studio Jubilee form a formidable range that have captured the hearts and imaginations of countless guitarists worldwide.For example: S/L C 12357 S/L would indicate the model Super Lead 100 watt C indicates the year 1971 12357 is the serial number. Starting in 1993 until 1997 Marshall switched over to a new serial number system.The new system designated the year of manufacture in the first two digits of the number and the week of manufacture in the last two. For example: 93579942: Year of manufacture is 1993 in the 42 Billy Penn's 300guitars Shop located at 1L Executive Drive in Toms River, NJ will bring your guitars and amplifiers back to life!Defined as a ‘repeated musical phrase’, guitar riffs are usually instantly recognisable, easy to remember, and set the tone for the song.

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Early Marshall through the JCM800 series July of 1969 Marshall introduced the date coding system.

From July 1969 to December 1983, the letter denoting the year was put after the serial number.

For example: S/ 15679 E S/ would indicate the model which is 50 watt 15679 is the serial number E indicates the year 1973 From January 1984 to October 1992 the date code letter was put before the serial number.

While the age of an amp has no bearing on how good or bad it sounds, it can have an impact on the selling or purchase price of a Marshall rig.

Marshall began using a nine-digit bar code label beginning in 1992.

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