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LA Cafe in Ermita is a huge restaurant / bar where you can find some of the cheapest prostitutes in Manila.Cost of sex is around ~1500 pesos () depending on the girl and how into you she is.On the other hand, some of the LA Cafe girls really do look like they’ve been in the game too long.The classic argument against freelancers is that the reason they work freelance is because they have STDs – places like Gogo bars or anywhere they’d have a boss, allegedly do STD checks and kick out girls who fail.Some of the girls at LA Cafe will be moonlighting as freelancers, after finishing bar / massage work.It’s like a bar or pub in the West, you just approach a girl yourself and talk to them.The LA Cafe girls are freelancers, there’s no need to pay LA Cafe a barfine, no mamasans, no lady drink commissions, and no fixed price of sex.

‘Massage girls’ hanging out on the streets around Burgos try for 3000 tip for sex, easily negotiated down to 2k -2.5k, on top of the 500 for their ‘agent’ / shop or to cover the hour of the ‘massage’.The ugliest ones will come up to you and chat you up themselves, asking if you have a lady yet.LA Cafe is open 24 hours but realistically most girls start leaving when the sun comes up, 6am ish. If you’re picky and don’t care about the cost of sex in Manila there’s not much point going to LA Cafe until better places close. Burgos and it starts closing down around 3am, or go to a nightclub that closes 4-5am and strike out, LA Cafe is a good last resort. Some decent girls will get there 9-10pm looking for a customer. Some will go in the early hours because they’re drunk and hungry and it’s the only place still open.It’s a fun laid back nightlife spot, has western food, pool tables, live music.No cover charge for the downstairs area, and a 100 pesos fee to go up to the second level where the live band plays.

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