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He’s got all the screencaps.) (And the results are here.

Just click on 結果 So this isn’t really a news blog, but this is pretty big: at the Walküre event last night, they announced a Crossover Live on June 1 and 2, 2019, as well as a new (COMPLETELY new, according to the sign) Delta movie.

The series is heavily serialized so it’d be near impossible to give you a list that hits all the major plot points. This is more a list that will give you a taste of what Some spoilers are ahead but nothing that should horrifically impact your viewing. I mean come on, you see all the promotional art and think, “Right, robots and mecha pilots.

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(I love it so much so I'm even doing a podcast about it where I rewatch the series episode by episode with someone who's never seen it, the Robo Skull Cast.) To get some facts out of the way, was a combination of three different anime series into one huge universe.This immediately set the groundwork for what became a saga.Three generations of heroes fighting three successive waves of alien invaders.Sure, the singing doesn’t even come close to matching the lip flaps but who cares?Sometimes you just need a good action romp and "Curtain Call" delivers.

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