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The game is on to see if a woman in the villa can catch—and keep—his heart. If that doesn’t reel in the men, her honest, open, and loving personality will. Occupation: Musician and model Talk about bold: This Islander already has an engagement ring and is looking for the perfect woman to propose to. A major in Africana studies and minor in Asian studies and English, this smart lady needs someone who can hold a conversation and show her what she deserves: commitment.

Caro's perfect guy is authentic, spiritual, hardworking, and will travel the world with her before settling down. Oh, and facial hair is a deal breaker—so keep it clean, boys.

"A gentleman never talks with his cowboy hat on," he says.

Before pursuing photography, this outdoorsman worked in construction and built his own home.

Don't let things hold you back, and don't be afraid to go after the things you want." Sounds like a recipe for drama to me.

Occupation: Real Estate Agent Growing up with a dad who played basketball overseas, Yamen is a man of the world (tbh, I'm already hooked).

The goal: to stay coupled up until the end (even as new singles start crashing the villa to shake things up) in the name of love—and a cash prize.(All the juicy deets courtesy of the Islanders’ bios and intro videos from CBS.)Caution: **Extreme hotness** ahead.Occupation: Analyst for Nike If you’re throwing a rager, you’ll want to invite someone like Mallory.All she needs now is a man who can keep up with her fun-loving spirit and spontaneity.Occupation: Photographer Yeah, this Texan owns a beloved cowboy hat—but don’t expect him to wear it 24/7.

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