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VENT SEXING Vent Sexing was discovered by the Japanese in 1920 as a reliable and novel approach to determining the sex of day-old chickens.In 1933, Professors Masui and Hashimoto published “Sexing Baby Chickens” in English. Kiyoshi Oxawa visited North America and taught the method in Queensland.Weather patterns also seem to have an effect on fertility and on male-to-female percentages in poultry and livestock.This phenomenon has been observed by farmers for centuries.Pullets have been hatched from pointed eggs, males from round. Well, in understanding how this method would have any supporters there is the issue of the hen to consider.If this method had worked, then the poultry industry would have been using this instead of paying for professionals to vent sex day-old chicks. You see, each hen tends to lay eggs of one shape fairly consistently.

The adjustment is just a half a degree Fahrenheit up or down.

Vent sexing is a procedure of holding the day-old chick in one hand, spreading open the vent, and viewing the copulatory organs to determine sex based on shape.

Warning: there are 18 different shapes possible with a two female and two male shapes that will appear as close matches for the opposite sex.

One of the things he pointed out is that incubator temperature affects the percentage of male-to-female chicks.

This is not to say that what would be a male chick can convert to female, remember, the hen determines the sex.

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