Libya an dating marriage

After all the empty glasses are half-full with froth, the hot tea is poured over the froth and served hot.

The trick to produce the froth is to lift one mug as high as possible, by stretching your arm over your head, while pouring the content into the other mug, and then repeat the process by lowering the raised hand and rising the other one, and so on until enough froth has been produced.

Olive oil is the main ingredient of nearly any dish or meal in Libya, and it is almost impossible to prepare any Libyan food without it.

Its use in North Africa goes back thousands of years, and its healing goodness and life-prolonging properties were well known to the ancient Libyans and Egyptians.

The third round is served with roasted peanuts or roasted almonds (mixed with the tea in the same glass).

In special occasions and for those who still follow the old tradition, the tea is first poured into another mug, and then using two mugs, one continuously empties the content of one mug into the other and then back into the original mug for at least twenty or thirty times, to produce what the Libyans call or foam, which is steadily added to one glass at a time as being made.

These are very ancient foods and their use must go back to neolithic times, when humans first began to harvest their produce and make use of the natural surrounding ingredients.

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Thus, milk by itself becomes a meal of its own; and from milk one obtains ghee, yogurt, butter and cheese.

The technique can also be used to bake potatoes (jacket potato) and eggs by burying them whole beneath the hearth.

A good shake and a couple of whacks renders the bread clean and ready to eat (see photo below). Modern bread: the one on the right is made in the bakery, and the one on the left is home-made tajeen-bread, some of which is made of real wholemeal flour and thus very filling and tasty.

In fact the first commercial advert in the world was said to have been a Carthaginian oil lamp which went for sale for one penny.

Dates at various stages: yellow when first ripen, dark brown when mature, black-dark-red as date syrup (rreb).

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