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She can do many things, but only if she would like to, if she is in the proper mood and this mood is created by man. This is not quiet often ready for all Eastern European women.

Maybe she is not that much emancipated as women of west and more family oriented, but it does not mean she would be fully focused on man and kids.

I can speak Russian, Latvian, English and Norwegian (Different levels).... I hope to get acquainted with I am just a woman looking for hapiness.

dress code - free (if applicable), unacceptable lies, pretense, meanness, cruelty.

Usually wisdom is something that older people have, because they have life experience. In lies in Latvian woman’s understanding and attitude to life, including attitude to the family, to the moral values and to her own place in the world. Her decision would be always wise, appropriate for everyone, but she would never be in hurry. What only can you see when observing her attitude to kids.

She has time for everything, she works the same period of time as her husband, but somehow she finds time to check the home task of elder daughter and take the son from the kindergarten on the way home and husband would feel tired lying on the couch. Such woman would try to keep everything in the house clean, no jokes. Within some time he gets used to such flow of things and his life becomes more planned and he controls more and has time for more.

This is the case where man is the head and woman is the neck and the neck turns the head where she wants.

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Because of that typical Latvian woman could have dark or even green hair. The meaning of typical Latvian woman is very blur nowadays.

Just search Google for images of Latvian girls and you will see blonde after blonde.

There is even a yearly, “Go Blonde Festival” in Latvia, where women parade their naturally endowed blonde features.

Nice, romantic, warmhearted, smart and funny, a little bit lazy.

I love travel, nature, long walks and also car driving.

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