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Stroll along the street or take up a master class in one of Ukrainian crafts.The Dnieper River naturally divides Kiev into the Right Bank and the Left Bank areas.Oksana Skrypnyk (left in the photo below) is the Managing Director of our Kiev office.Oksana and her colleague, Elena Safonova are our Relationship Consultants and work with all female members of Dolce Vita to assure they meet our standards, requirements, and specifications.The Descent, or called by local people – Andriyivsky Uzviz, is a small down-hill street that used to connect the Upper Kyiv with the more commercial district of Podil, located on Dnieper River Banks.

Most agencies have business models that try to entice men to spend money on writing to a woman. Our Relationship Consultants in Ukraine work with our members to customize an approach to visit women and truly see if there is the chemistry and connection needed to build a long-term relationship.

A 1:1 ratio meaning an equal number of men and women.

In Ukraine, it is .93 as opposed to 1.03 in the United States and 1.05 in Canada respectively.

Ukrainian women are not only beautiful and elegant but also well-educated with a strong commitment and loyalty to the man they commit too.

Many people ask why Ukrainian women are so beautiful? Over the decades of Ukrainian history, the country became a melting pot of Scandinavian, Turkish, Middle Asia and Russian cultures.

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