Keeping friends while dating

“Not even a hint of sexual immorality,” means that not having sexual intercourse isn’t all that’s required of dating Christians.

Our entire mode of relating between boyfriends and girlfriends, as well as with friends, must be above reproach; not open to mis-interpretation or suspicions of sexual misconduct. But Scripture shows that often what we desire is born of selfishness.

He uses Facebook rarely (I’m not on FB) and is careful not to single out women for private messages on social media.

Every indulgence of sexual desire outside of marriage dissipates its power and goodness.But almost always, he texts the husbands among our friends, and I text the wives.We don’t have rules written down, rather we strive to be above reproach and to honor one another in the way we interact with our friends. Neither of us has any opposite-sex friends that aren’t friends of both of us.For believers, all of our relationships with the opposite sex, whether we are single or married, should be marked by utmost propriety.It is only within the marital relationship between husband and wife that the standards change as outlined in passages like 1 Corinthians 7:3-5, Ephesians -33, Song of Solomon, Matthew 19:4-6.

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