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This has inspired historic resistance as Kashmiris around the world are leading protests against these acts of aggression.On August 9, Kashmiris and their allies in New York City turned the area around the Indian consulate into a launching point for a for Kashmiri self-determination.

India also used the Pulwama attack as a pretext to round up hundreds of young Kashmiri men for either having participated in protests or simply being suspected of holding pro-freedom sympathies.Among those seized by the Indian forces were leaders of the Hurriyat Conference, an organization of multiple political groups that spearheads the nonviolent resistance to India’s presence.Jamaat-e-Islami, a religious-political organization, was also banned by the Indian government.” Palestinian organizers, Syrians opposing the regime of Bashar al-Assad, Filipinos rejecting dictator Rodrigo Duterte, activists for Puerto Rican self-determination and anti-gentrification activists from Harlem were all in attendance. “The Indian government has shown the world what its true intentions are and what they’ve always been.To completely subjugate and suppress a people who have been demanding freedom for over 70 years. We are not going to sit by as India murders, rapes and ethnically cleanses Kashmiris from their land!

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