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This agreement sets the framework of prevention and enforcement by protecting phone users from illegal robocalls and making it easier for attorneys general to investigate and prosecute bad actors. Williamson said that inventory practices and processes have been adjusted and brought up to current standards.

Phone companies will work to prevent illegal robocalls by: annual membership meeting Tuesday evening in the De Queen High School Cafeteria. These inventory updates have helped the Coop financially.

Although most regulations are passed by June, and the official Code of Regulations is updated, the printed version of the guidebook is not published until the end of August each year.

Hunters can use any material they wish to tag a deer, and wildlife officers have seen everything from duct tape to notebook paper used.

Copies will begin arriving in sporting goods stores and AGFC regional offices throughout Arkansas in the next few weeks.

Coop President Wayne Williamson reported that several personnel changes and operations improvements have been made in the past fiscal year. Williamson also pointed out that the Coop has switched from a bank in Colorado to banking locally at First State Bank of De Queen.

This switch has meant better interest rates and terms, along with a 0,000 line of credit for working capital needs.

The tags in the regulations books, however, do offer a durable, water-resistant material that is easy to write on for hunters to stick in their wallet if they wish to use them.

Visit Anthony Rhone – a recent Economics graduate of SMU came back to Ashdown to his dad Earnest Rhone's alma mater to speak with the students of Mrs.

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