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I experienced this convergence by looking at a room of sober people and realizing, “I don’t have to drink.” I describe it as a miracle and I don’t use that word lightly. So how did becoming sober help you with your coming out?As long as I could drink I didn’t have to deal with it – my sexual orientation.It came about as a result of this Over-consumers Anonymous Meeting I did with some of my friends.At first it was “oh, another kooky idea that Jane has.” But then they started sharing about how they felt about their own over-consumption and people became really emotional.

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You say that you have not found your ultimate bliss yet. I would like to do things that I am not capable of doing.

When I became sober I started working on self-honesty because that is the key to staying sober. I had all sorts of other non-traditional girl toys.

That is part of the process — you have to be real about what you are really feeling inside and deal with life on life’s terms. I can look back and say my natural inclination was to be gay. I knew I had a certain discomfort around girls and then women.

So I pitched the book idea that we could use the 12 Steps to help America solve its over-consumption crisis. It was very interesting because I signed the contract for this book right before I started my show here on HLN.

How did it feel to put the magnifying glass on yourself in exploring your own life story? So I didn’t have a lot of time to censor myself or ponder for hours whether I wanted to reveal this or that. During this time, I also had a bout with breast cancer. But it made me shift my priorities and made me realize we aren’t here forever.

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