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Thus male partners are able to protect, provide and control food and resources.

Although this ability may have equated to muscular strength in our evolutionary past, in modern society it is more likely to relate to occupation, social class and wealth.

Anisogamy means two sex cells (or gametes) that are different coming together to reproduce.

Buss (1989) conducted a survey of over 10,000 adults in 33 countries and found that females reported valuing resource-based characteristics when choosing a male (such as their jobs) whilst men valued good looks and preferred younger partners more than females did.

Although the size and scale of Buss’s work is impressive, his use of questionnaires could lead to social desirability bias with participants answering in socially desirable ways rather than honestly.

As the relationship develops, people tend to share more detailed and personal information, such as past traumas and desires for the future.

If this sharing happens too soon however, an incompatibility may be found before the other person has reached a suitable level of investment in the relationship.

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