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His two known model victims were Judith Dull and Ruth Mercado.A third victim, Shirley Ann Bridgeford, was met through a Lonely Hearts ad in the newspaper.

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He was executed in the gas chamber of San Quentin State Prison on September 18, 1959.It helped introduce a lot of us to Tim Allen, and more importantly for all of us who were pre-teen girls at the time, Johnathon Taylor Thomas.The show was extremely popular, and was one of the weekly must-watch shows that families would gather around the TV to enjoy together.When he was twelve years old, his parents noticed that he had a red, swollen neck.He described having been in the bathtub, placing a rope around his neck, running it through the tub drain, and pulling it tight against his neck," achieving some kind of sexual pleasure from this act." His mother took him to the family physician and was told he "would grow out of it." Glatman moved to Los Angeles, California in 1957 and started strolling around modeling agencies looking for potential victims.

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