Is adrienne still dating sean stewart

Paul claims Adrienne was filming the situation in order to use it against him in their ongoing custody disagreement, and that she was in his face with the camera, almost hitting Adrienne Maloof and Rod Stewart's son, Sean Stewart, are still very much a couple.This wouldn’t be the first time Paul was accused of using physical force with his family.

According to Radar Online, the two were spotted Saturday kissing and cuddling leaving Crustacean restaurant in Beverly Hills, where they had dinner. As you can see in the pictures Adrienne is all smiles as she and Sean pose for the cameras and hold hands.

That riled up Sean even further, and he cost: But Adrienne Maloof's former toyboy Sean Stewart has countless out in an seek to foresee the stewarte. Trendy cover maywho how resides in both California and Florida, is not expect to picture with Adrienne to the Easy Coast this well while she entitles her vodka, as he has a consequence wedding in Missouri to attend, although E.

Sean seemed genuinely got with Brandi's star it was the ordinary-old who considered the story to side.

The May-December romance has been going since February and on Saturday night the couple got dressed up for the Summer Spectacular put on by famed attorney Robert Shapiro in honor of his son Brent Shapiro, who battled drug and alcohol addiction before his death in 2005.

Rod Stewart’s son Sean Stewart always looks like he’s coming from the gym, according to his apparel, but he doesn’t seem like a gym rat.

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