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Admissibility issues A coerced confession is inadmissible at trial even if it is true.The key concept is whether the confession was secured by coercive police conduct, not whether it is true or false confession.The United States Supreme Court made clear that such horrific tactics are constitutionally prohibited: It would be difficult to conceive of methods more revolting to the sense of justice than those taken to procure the confessions of these petitioners, and the use of the confessions thus obtained as the basis for conviction and sentence was a clear denial of due process.More recently, in a"classic case of coercion," the Ninth Circuit tossed statements made by a suspect after he'd been thrown to the ground by cops and repeatedly kicked in the stomach and groin.

We know that not everyone who confesses is guilty and we understand the unscrupulous lengths to which some cops go to make a case.Certain suspects - such as juveniles and those with cognitive or developmental disabilities - are particularly susceptible to underhanded psychological tricks.Let's look at an example from a murder investigation: : Eighteen-year-old Kenneth Ray Neal is taken to the police station in connection with the strangling death of an older man with whom Neal is temporarily staying.Involuntary confessions are inadmissible for any purpose, whereas incriminating statements made under circumstances involving analysis overlaps with and differs from traditional voluntariness analysis is beyond the scope of this article.While these are distinct, if blurred, concepts, it bears noting that if a suspect waives his or her 2.3.

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