International dating site europe serbia dating tips for senior citizens

In some countries approaching is easier because of eye contact (especially Ukraine and Russia).

In Serbia, however, you will almost never receive eye contact (I almost never did).

Traditional means meeting a woman, inviting her on a couple of dates, doing lots of walks and just generally getting to know her first before commencing any kind of a relationship, sexual or otherwise. Think weeks and months instead of days and weekends.

Serbian women, like other Balkan people, rarely have one-night stands, and will need to see you a few times before giving you access to the goods.

I’m not much into blondes and prefer my women to have a bit of color, especially if they have a bit darker skin tones.Although, I would recommend treading carefully when discussing politics and other sensitive issues.For many years, Serbia and the surrounding region has been a melting pot of different races such as Slavs, Turks, and Muslims.There are the Spaniards and Italians but they’re quickly going the way of their American counterparts: unfeminine, rude and bitchy. Serbian women are Slavic but with dark, olive-skinned complexions of their Mediterranean counterparts.They are tall, slim, have dark hair and striking eyes.

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