Instant messages picture voting dating

I can either dislike them or go to their profile to see what they said.

But this also means I could miss someone if they get lost in the shuffle.

The latest is that in Browse users you don't see those "who you liked" anymore.

Are you people doing it deliberately, to destroy the site? And therefore it is still better than most other sites I've been using a lot of dating sites, with more or less luck.

It's a common problem of most American sitesand it made me switch to Eastern European sites, because they have more control over female customers and no bots. They take your photos and ask all kinds of personal questions just to suspend your account for no reason whatsoever, mysteriously after getting info on you. And of course this is after they have taken your credit card info.

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I had tried a lot of dating sites, and I came back to one - It turned out to be still the best among others.I've never had any automatic billing problems there save your money and stay away! they will delete your profile after you've payed for a subscription... There is no customer service if you have a problem, and I can see why because there would not be enough customer service reps in the world to deal with this disaster. A lot of the functionality that once made this site pretty good is now gone. The few real matches I got were women I wouldn't ever want to meet in real life. I don't feel like answering a hundred more questions to get better matches. Also I did make it clear that fitness matters for both me and my potential match. I didn't come here to get screeched at about donald trump. I am very sad that I have to lower my rating from 5-star to 3-star. Every change in recent few years made it worse and worse.Also, every change of interface created tons of glitches. It's o.k, because it made messaging and likes more important.Since there is no indication or 'proof' I matched with anything.. I can't say 'good luck' because luck and skill do not work with cyber personnel to contact.. And here gentlemen, I take a low and theatric stage bow..leave you to your respective follies and desperation with a lost cause...Again there is no customer service in the form of email or phone..are referred to a site called "Get Human" which charges per month RECURRING to answer questions and all you get is a chat box with a robot..... And the final point is, and i say this to dudes because they are the only real people who are desperate enough to use these frauds...yourself a good hooker...spend the money..exactly what you want sexually... If you are over 20 and not a billionaire, completely forget american females.....

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