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The system automatically provides relevant information in response to text provided by a user that the system can observe, such as provided by the user typing text. 18, 2010, entitled AUTOMATICALLY CAPTURING INFORMATION, SUCH AS CAPTURING INFORMATION USING A DOCUMENT AWARE DEVICE; U. In some examples, capturing information and presenting content associated with the captured information is described.

For further information, including about cookie settings, please read our Cookie Policy . 17, 2007, entitled CAPTURE AND DISPLAY OF ANNOTATIONS IN PAPER AND ELECTRONIC DOCUMENTS; U. The system forms a query based on the selected portion of the text, selects an index to search using the query, transmits the query to the selected index, and receives search results that are relevant to the query. The system monitors the provided text and automatically selects a portion of the text, such as a subject, an object, a verb of a sentence, a clause, or a random or collected group of words, and so on.While the student focuses on the lecture, the system takes notes for her, logging and retrieving passages cited in the lecture, bios about people mentioned in the lecture, and so on.For example, during a part of the lecture describing the relative size and populations of Philadelphia and New York City in 1789, the system identifies electronic versions of maps and charts that include similar information, and retrieves them for the student.

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