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Wenn ihr sehr schnellen Erfolg mit Katie Zahn haben wollt, müsst ihr sie mit einer Limousine abholen und während dem Date mit einem Blumenstrauß in der Hand auf drücken. Danach könnt ihr nochmal drücken damit CJ sie küsst.Dann am besten mit ihr zu dem Diner fahren, was unter der Brücke ganz in ihrer Nähe ist. Wenn ihr in der linken Stadt in den Golfclub geht (auf der Karte ist er ein Grünstück mit braunen Flecken), müsst ihr nur ein bisschen suchen, und ihr findet eine Frai mit einem blauen Pfeil über dem Kopf.Suggest you check out the site: gtawiki The San Andreas Fault received its name from Andrew Lawson after the 1906 earthquake.He named it for San Andreas Lake, a (now) man-modified sag pond in San Mateo county through which the fault passes.Map Name: Denise Robinson Location: Unlocked after the mission 'Burning Desire' Available: - Likes: N/A. Rewards: - At 50% she gives you the keys to her Green Hustler. Rewards: - Chainsaw, a flamethrower, molotov cocktails, and a pistol available at her shed at all times. - 100% delivers Rural clothes (overalls and a flanal shirt) to your wardrobe. - She also likes the area she lives in so don't stray to far. - She'll invite you in straight away if your wearing the gimp suit.- 100% unlocks the Pimp Suit which will then be delivered to your wardrobe. - 100% delivers the racing outfit to your wardrobe. Name: Helena Wankstein Location: Shooting targets on the roof of Ammunation, Blueberry, Red County. Additional Info: - She does'nt like going fast so drive very slowly. Name: Barbara Schternvart Location: Police Parking lot in El Quebrados. Name: Katie Zhan Location: At the edge of Avispa Country Club golf course in San Fierro. - Many people had problems with Millie not being available. To fix it simply turn up at the given time dressed in the Gimp suit.Wenn ihr euch vor sie stellt, wird sie euch ein Treffen anbieten.

Times available: Midnight - Noon Katie Zhan: Katie is a nurse who lives in San Fierro.If the date was a success, you'll know by her behavior.Then you can give her a lift home and when you are further into your relationship with her, she can invite you for a coffee.As follows: Denise Robinson: 50% - CJ will get the keys to her vehicle (a Green Hustler) 100% - CJ will gain a Pimp Suit in his wardrobe.Helena Wankstein: Just for dating Helena, CJ will get access to her farmstead shed, which contains, Molotovs, flamethrower, chainsaw and pistol.

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