Grant for updating career center

Grants: Multiple grants of US,000 each Purpose: The IASP Early Career Research Grant facilitates a development of young researchers just starting their careers as independent investigators.

The OFI is a brief form requesting basic information about your proposed project.In addition to receiving a grant for living and travel expenses accrued during the summer of an unpaid experience, students are required to participate in career development activities, such as resume review and written experience reflection.It is also required for grant recipients to participate in donor appreciation, storytelling practices, and assessment on the program and experience.The basic information we request includes a project title, request amount, relevant dates, why the project is important, a brief description of the activities, and information on the people and organizations that would be involved.If you would like to request funding, or if you are trying to determine whether the Foundation would consider supporting your project, please complete and submit an OFI.

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