Gps assisted dating updating contacts on blackberry storm

It is no secret that many popular mobile applications today are based on the custom advanced functions of smartphones.In particular, one of the most frequently exploited features is geolocation in mobile apps. For example, based on geolocation data, routes can be calculated, places found, and also information provided about the surrounding area. If not, you must have resorted to the help of Google Maps geolocation or other similar services at least once, like millions of people around the world (according to recent statistics, every third US citizen uses geolocation applications at least once a week).The accuracy is an advantage of GLONASS with up-to 2 meter of accuracy.

This has a network of 24 satellites covering the earth.

A-GLONASS also enhances the performance in chip-sets that come with GLONASS support.

Up to 2011 the Russian government spent about 5 billion dollars on GLONASS project, and further invested 320 billion rubles ( billion) for the period of 2012 to 2020.

GLONASS was first commercially used in car navigator as Glospace SGK-70 but was bulky and expensive.

Russian government is trying hard to promote GLONASS commercially.

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