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Because they did not want any children and now they have an instant family with all the costs involved.

All of a sudden these huge Korean weddings are popping up everywhere, coming with cute little Korean babies. Not living on a small pension, but they have huge amounts of money.

Only to move back to mommy’s new home ones her relationship is a fact.

I have spoken to many expats that come here to meet their online girlfriend, and all of a sudden a child or 2 popped up to be taken care off, they feel cheated and cornered.

It proofs me right in writing all these years that the economic prospects of a relationship here are far more important than love, looks and connectivity.

That intimacy is subjective or even non-existent, for the eyes with which your Filipina looks at you speak a different love language than the eyes with which you look at her.

On my island alone last few months 4 Korean Filipino weddings happened, in style. 10 bridesmaids, huge resort rented out as a party venue, including the rooms, golden balloons, the wedding dresses come from Manila or Cebu, if the bride wants it, she gets it.

I know Bohol, Panglao there are many, I see them pass in my Instagram Feed. For if there is one thing Filipinos are good in is collectiveness, it is like a hive mind, if it happens here in the Visayas, it will happen in every city and on every island.

Nothing wrong with that, it only means that when a richer group of men comes along, you might not find your true love in the Philippines, especially not when your budget does not allow the costs that come with raising a bunch of kids from previous one night stands, of yours truly forever.

And the economic orientated marriage wishes of the Filipinas smell chances there.

For why settle with a white old foreigner with less money when one can have less cultural differences with a Korean guy closer to your age, that buys you a multi-million peso wedding a ring with a rock too heavy to wear and a mansion?

And in the past, marriages were arranged to make social and economic improvement for the family or both families or to even a debt. And that habit is still very much embedded in this country, add to that the internet access feeds the growing knowledge that there is a better life possible if only you have the money or the means to escape your current life.

Many Filipinas have children, some from multiple fathers, they do not have a husband.

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