Goodreads blog feed not updating

If you are not an author on Goodreads, it is still possible to promote your user profile on your Facebook Page.

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When it comes to the fan page for a major company, the challenge is to make the Facebook page reflect the professionalism, and more importantly the brand, of the company itself. If you are a registered author on Goodreads and your account is connected to the author profile, you will see an option to promote your author profile, whereas regular users will only see an option to promote their user profile.

Now, if only Facebook would allow apps to integrate with groups.

Then we could bring our secret Goodreads groups into our secret Facebook groups.

Note that if you click “Add To Page” and you don’t see the Facebook page listed, it’s because the app is already added to that page (or you’re not an admin anymore).

On the app tab on the Facebook Page, you now choose ‘Group Page’ and pick the relevant group from the list.

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