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Since reintroducing animal protein into my diet, I transitioned to eating much smaller portions.It was a huge change for me: The first time I ate eggs, I literally felt like I had just finished Thanksgiving dinner!Remember, when it comes to health, listen to your body first before the opinions of others (of course, unless it’s your doctor). Alex is passionate about practicing yoga and mindfulness.Recently engaged, Alex and her fiancé plan to tie the knot in April 2018.It’s incredible that I haven’t had a headache since. As much as I wanted to remain 100 percent plant-based, it simply just wasn’t working for me.Instead of judging myself by what I should or shouldn’t be eating, I started to truly listen to my body and what it needed.

It’s very important to me to ethically source my animal protein from the cleanest and most sustainable sources possible.Instead of forcing my body to adapt to veganism again, it was time to start incorporating fish and other animal products into my diet.It’s been about three months since I started eating animal protein again.It’s essential to listen to our bodies and do what’s good for them, rather than what’s been good for someone else.Everyone is so unique and has individual needs that not one diet or lifestyle can fulfill.

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