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According to the current historical paradigm, the Andhras were originally feudatories of the Mauryas (who incorporated Andhra desa into the Mauryan Empire).

However, this would also mean the entire current Indian historical record is off by at least several hundred years, as Pauranic history dates the Gupta Dynasty to 327 BCE, not the current 320 CE.

The region also features a unique connection with Maharishi Visvamitra.

The great sage had once saved the young boy Shunasepa from an heinous act and adopted him as his son.

The present historical and the Pauranic historical construct both assert that the Satavahanas were one and the same as the Andhras, beginning with their first king Simuka.

Andhra Dynasty/Satavahanas Simuka is the first recorded king of the Satavahana dynasty, and is dated to 221 BCE.

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