Geological dating principles questioned

In this Section you will get the Complete text of geology lecture notes of Principle of Stratigraphy.

The word ‘Stratified” include layered metamorphic as well as volcanic rocks.

Middleton (1973) summoned up this concept as follows: “A comfortable vertical sequence of facies was generated by a lateral sequence of environment”.

This law is one of the basic assumptions of facies analysis and was demonstrated in many modern sedimentary environments in which sub-environments prograde across one another.

The study of the present-day sediments, their formation and distribution is essential for understanding the principle of stratigraphy, the interpretation of ancient sedimentary rocks and for establishing the stratigraphic record.

The subject of stratigraphy can be divided into two major parts Most stratigraphic studies help in solving problems in palaeogeography, historical geology, and economic geology.

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