French dating and marriage culture

We could go and on but we wouldn’t see France until rank 59th. Compared with the top ranks, it’s considerably lower which means people should just stop caricaturing the French people as the epitome of smoking public.Whoever started the myth that French men stink was just jealous. We all know how the French are known for their kisses, culinary masterpieces, intellect and exceptional romantic xxxx. Seldom, if not at all, will you encounter a Parisian that smells bad.That observation, or more like a rant, is from a US tire company chief executive delivered to France’s industry minister in a letter.In that same letter, the executive further criticized that the French have one hour for breaks and lunch, three hours for work and three hours for chitchats.Put that way, that does sound like French men are indeed lazy. On another end of the spectrum are claims that French men are, in fact, among the most efficient and productive people in the world.They may work fewer hours than most developed nations but the country’s economy and high standard of living may be proof that productivity is also part of the people’s work ethic.To further debunk the myth, let’s bring in some statistics into the picture.

According to a recent survey, about 7.7 million French people are now using e-cigarettes on a daily basis.Take for instance interrupting while someone else is still talking.That is deemed rude in other countries but, in France, that’s just the way it is.Given the world’s presumption that the French have some God-given sex appeal and talent for romance, it seems logical to believe the myth that French men’s favorite sport other than football is having several lovers or mistresses at the same time. For the sake of comparison, let’s see how the French fared compared with their neighbors.After the highly trivialized and publicized affair of President François Hollande, a poll was conducted throughout Europe.

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