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All three are frequently found even in mainstream movies but when it comes to games there is a double standard at work.

A series like Grand Theft Auto can include explicit drug use and gory violence but remember the fuss over the “Hot Coffee” patch.

You can then use “poseballs” blue for boys and pink for girls to assume the position and get down to it.

You can also buy kits with extra sex animations and you can even get pre-written sex chat to keep the mood going.

However the link between sex and games is stronger than ever and as graphics improve the idea of introducing some eroticism or catering for fetishes in game is becoming a reality.

More and more sex games are popping up all over the internet.

It is used to sell everything from cars to chocolate bars.

There is an obvious demand for adult content in terms of violence, drugs and sex.

There are more searches on the web related to pornography than anything else.

Chatrooms and webcams have enabled cyber sex to develop into a multi-million dollar business.

If you want to have a good time it will cost you money.

For a start your basic avatar will look like a plastic doll when nude and so if you want nipples and genitals you’ll need to buy a new skin.

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