Free two way webcamming

One day, I would go on cam like at 10pm at night, then I would go on 3 days later at 2pm in the afternoon, and so forth.

Every camming session would be at a completely different time of day, and I noticed that none of the same viewers would ever reappear in my camroom.

If you’re not camming when they’re on, how are they supposed to catch you again?

Models need to pick a certain time of day to cam and stick to that schedule.

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Charging even a microscopic amount for PM privileges will turnoff MOST members from trying to message you.It’s kind of understandable when you realize that many girls are recruited into the industry by people who use bullshit claims about how much money webcam models make, without explaining that you actually need some training to be able to get to that level.Most girls deal with this disappointment by just taking off and quitting.I thought I was just a really shitty camgirl that nobody wanted to come back to visit.I eventually figured out that the reason my viewers from other sessions weren’t returning to see me on cam was because I wasn’t on when they were on! Viewers usually have routines and schedules, like everybody else, so they will usually have a certain time of day when they’re on cam sites.

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