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A "ticket" means communication between the customer and support staff inside your company.A ticket contains the complete stream of chat messages, emails, phone calls, or messages from other communication channels about the same incident or issue reported by a customer.Even add tags to existing tickets in order to sort and filter through your tickets easily.Easily define an unlimited number of SLAs and let the automatic rules assign them to the right tickets.Time Rules are special rules that are not "action triggered", but time conditional. Change the ownership of a ticket to a different department or even an individual agent.

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Specify different signatures, phone and chat answering rules for different departments.Add tags on your tickets in order to get a better grasp on various support topics.Also, use tags to differentiate important customers.Each ticket has got a unique reference number, which helps you quickly locate, add to, or communicate the status of the user's issue or request.Live Agent automatically sorts your company communication into tickets.

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