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But, like SMS, Chat won’t be end-to-end encrypted, and it will follow the same legal intercept standards.In other words: it won’t be as secure as i Message or Signal.Instead of continuing to push Allo — or creating yet another new chat app — Google is instead going to introduce new features into the default Android Messages app, like GIF search and Google Assistant.Android Messages will be the default on many (but not all) Android phones.

And he needs to do it without alienating any of the hundreds of powerful companies that have a stake in the smartphone market.

They’re also a great example of how Google salvaged ideas originally built into Google and turned them into a great set of cross-platform apps.

So it makes perfect sense that CEO Sundar Pichai tasked Sabharwal with fixing one of the oldest and most vexing problems at Google.

Chat messages will be sent with your data plan instead of your SMS plan, so you’ll likely only be charged for whatever (minimal) data it costs to send a message. If you are texting somebody who have Chat enabled or is not an Android user, your messages will revert back to SMS — much in the same way that an i Message does.

Nobody outside of Apple knows when (or if) the i Phone will support Chat.

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