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But as I followed the monkey's gaze, I realized he was staring not at the ocean and its glisten of afternoon sun but at a 1,000 percent naked guy, squatting close by, rigorously applying suntan lotion to his penis, balls, and ass cheeks. The guy must have felt me studying him, because he whipped his head around and locked eyes with me. A half hour later, still uneasy with getting naked myself, I grabbed a complimentary bottle of Chivas Regal from the nightstand and took a slug to work up the nerve.With a beach towel over my shoulders—and my soft parts dangling in the breeze—I strolled out the door and past three young housemaids, who gave me a chipper hello.But there was something else, too, a prurient electricity I could feel as I wheeled my way to the front desk. You know, the kindly folks you'll discover soaking in hot springs outside of Taos, perhaps bleating low notes on a didgeridoo.In other words, not the crowd I'd expect to be psyched about high-end vacation options.

It was their second day here, and they seemed perhaps even more weirded out by the scene than I was. ”“Aww, don't mind me,” said Karl, landing a paw on Rob's shoulder. There, a tall, young, freckled woman was giving her boyfriend a sensual blow job, her ass waving in the air behind her. I have to admit, no matter how much sex you've seen in movies or on bookmarked sites on your laptop, it feels to watch real people go at it, just yards away.

There's an open bar all day and night and a slew of naked people you can flirt with and maybe have sex with.

Think of it as Vegas on HGH, a place to let your id off the leash.

“The demand is large and growing,” one longtime Desire Pearl staffer told me. We provide it.”As they say, though, ultimate freedom isn't free.

A stay at a high-end clothing-optional resort can set you back double the cost of similar accommodations at a traditional resort.

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