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He delivered a German suplex into the corner, a springboard moonsault and 450 splash but was unable to put the champion away and regain his title.Gulak ultimately reversed an attempt at a sunset driver by Nese into a powerbomb for a near-fall and then put him away for the pinfall victory.Nakamura grounded Balor, but the IC champion fought out and mounted a comeback. Balor recovered and set the challenger up for a Coup de Grace, but Nakamura rolled out of the way.

The intense rivalry between Drew Gulak and Tony Nese drove an early tussle between champion and challenger.

Late, Jey missed a blind tag, and The Revival put him away with Shatter Machine for the win.

Result The Revival defeated The Usos Grade B- Analysis We keep waiting for these two teams, the two best in WWE over the last five years, to have a show-stealing classic.

Result Gulak defeated Nese Grade B Analysis This was interesting in that the champion essentially played tackling dummy for the majority of the match, selling Nese's offense and the idea that he may lose in his hometown.

Given WWE's treatment of hometown competitors in years past, it was a fake-out that worked.

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