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If you are temped just to select one, I further urge you to try it randomly.

We have many opportunities to purposefully craft the details of our characters. Trinkets are a lovely opportunity to add a little living backstory before your character even enters game. Join before the 1st of the month (tomorrow) and receive the very first of the monthly stories. Most Writers Symposium events (except signings) take place in the Westin (rooms listed with each event).

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Between, The Drabblecast, the secret world, time travel, Vampire: the Masquerade, white wolf Through a glitch in the flow of time, 2019 is already half over. A mix of cosmic horror, Martian exploration, preternaturally evil dating apps, and late-stage capitalist elves. One of the more unique writing projects I’ve worked on was this ARG (alternate reality game).

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Here there be candy canes, lost souls, and stolen memories. There is a nifty, rollable table of trinkets on p.160 of the .Flash is a half-elf ranger, a bro-jock who happens to be an expert at hunting slimes and oozes.Flash is something of an exterminator of slimy monsters in the catacombs and crawlspaces of Waterdeep.What’s more, the player decided it is a very pretty nightcap, with brightly-colored floral designs and lace.Many are confused when seeing this grim elf wearing it, or to what ends he’d go to protect his most prized possession.

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