Dreamweaver updating or changing content

Because of the adobe licensing it brings many disadvantages wherefore you'll never provide a full independent platform to let your clients work on.It won't even allow you to create a beautiful website with seamless merging.With the Advanced HTML Editor 3 Dreamweaver extension from DMXzone.com, you can enable editing of live text, images, tables and other content without any HTML knowledge.

Adobe Contribute CS5 consists of two components, a client for editing, and a "publishing server".

So what is the best way to let your clients edit static website content without the use of technical expertise?

You have to make sure it is a WYSIWYG authoring environment, so content authors and contributors can edit or update any website or blog without having to learn HTML. In these editors you don't have to edit the source code of your web pages.

It is easy to define your editable areas so your clients can edit any HTML content, directly in the browser.

With only one single key press the Editor becomes visible and they can start editing their online content.

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