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The talked-about robot has semiotic properties that are not reducible to the machine’s technical properties’ (Jones serves to emphasize that people may make sense of robots designed for assisting childcare by assimilating the idea into a body of ideas they already possess, such as beliefs about child development, good parenting, and machines.The particular labelling of the artefact (robot nanny, babysitter, companion, childcare robot, home robot) is part of its discursive construction.The prospect of robots in childcare roles is exceptionally contentious, for it connotes interference with the child-caregiver attachment bond.The industry’s response to psychology-informed concerns is to ‘rebrand’ the product as a robot companion for a child or as a home robot for the family.Secondly, and more speculatively, the emergence of ‘tethered’ lives may lead to normalization of technology-driven morality.The prospect of robots in childcare roles is exceptionally contentious, for it connotes interference with the primary and deepest relationship any human being can have.The journal’s special issue brought together a multidisciplinary cast of 29 writers with expertise in either child development or robotics.

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The main body of the essay concerns this level of analysis.Several commentators concurred, but others disagreed that the risks are realistic or that such robots are technologically feasible in the near future.Although is not open access, comparing this set of academic papers with the aggregate of webpages sampled in the present study throws into sharp relief some of the peculiarities of online informational flows.The topic of robot-assisted childcare can encompass devices ranging from smart baby monitors and robot companions (already available) to futuristic humanoids providing total care, which may or may not be technologically feasible.This essay looks askance at how the topic is constructed in the public domain of the Internet, where complex interactions of rhetorical manoeuvres, narratives and postnarrativity, and semiotic slippages may guide sense-making apropos technological innovations.

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